Exploring mentoring models

The Archdeacons and Deacon Directors conference is meeting this week in Atlanta, and one topic of discussion is how to mentor younger people who are exploring the diaconate and also how to mentor those who are in training and newly ordained as deacons.

Dioceses are experimenting with several approaches. Some dioceses, like Maryland, have a larger community of deacons already, and a team approach is being explored. Others, including some that are geographically widespread, like Montana, are working on one-on-one mentoring relationships.

An open discussion focusing on the topic of mentoring provided a chance for deacons in dioceses across the Episcopal Church to share resources about what they are doing.

You may be exploring who deacons are – or you may already be a deacon who would like to talk to more experienced deacons. Or you may be a more experienced deacon interested in how to support new deacons.

If this topic interests you, contact us!

We are happy to help you connect with the support you need – even if we need to create it.

One thought on “Exploring mentoring models

  1. Deacon Paul Aparicio says:

    I love the idea of mentors. Especially for those that are going through an ordination process or recently ordained. I was ordained in December 2017 and for the most part feel like I am figuring things out myself which is scary. The challenge for my diocese was that this is the first diaconate ordination for the current Bishop with the diocese having the deacon school on hiatus the last 10 years. There has been a learning curve for all parties. Mentors from other dioceses for the ordination process would be amazing. I could probably find a deacon in the diocese to be a mentor but the question would be what skills are needed, training, etc. And it probably makes sense for a diocese to set this up rather than the one needing mentoring seeks the mentor. Perhaps there could be guidance on how-to-mentor offered by the AED to the dioceses who are not well-versed in mentoring deacons.

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